US specific productSafe and fast refurbishment of telescopic conveyors

Traditional repair or refurbishment work on existing telescopic conveyors is difficult to complete without affecting adjacent docks, which tends to interfere with daily operations of the whole logistics hub. These repairs can even be dangerous, because they require lifting very heavy loads and welding.

Mobile workshop for onsite refurbishment or repair

Siemens Mobile-PRO is a patented mobile workshop housed in a 16-meter (approx. 53 foot) trailer. It provides an affordable, safe, comprehensive and fast option for onsite refurbishment or repair of telescopic conveyors. Moving from dock to dock, Mobile-PRO is used to get the work done directly on site at logistics hubs. Service tasks include aligning sections, replacing all wear-and tear components, repairing damaged equipment, bringing the telescopic conveyor up to the latest standard due to health and safety and even adding new functionalities. Since its launch in the United States, Mobile-PRO has been used to repair or refurbish over 2,000 telescopic conveyors built by Siemens and other manufacturers.

Efficient service with Mobile-PRO

Equipment serviced by Mobile-PRO receives a new warranty backed by Siemens, including technical support. Customers benefit from remarkable value in functional refurbishment rather than replacement of this critical equipment. Siemens can functionally refurbish telescopic conveyors for less than half of the cost to buy and install new equipment. And when it comes to a retrofit, such as adding a boom to improve productivity, cost savings can be even higher.


  • Improves customer efficiency and decreases unit downtime
  • Extends the service life of expensive equipment through a reasonable investment
  • Opportunity to upgrade telescopic conveyors to the latest standards
  • Reduces the space required to remanufacture or repair equipment
  • Includes training and instruction provided by our expert technicians
  • Prolongs the life of the existing telescopic conveyor equipment – even if it’s third party equipment