Customized service packages

Our maintenance packages are tailored to your business requirements and the system types to support your in-house maintenance team.

Hotline Support(reactive/proactive)

Our service hotline is available to you 24/7, offering reactive problem-solving through remote diagnostics. We also provide proactive remote services for network and system management – including an alert and intelligent monitoring function, software updates and a configuration control.

Scheduled Maintenance

Regular on-site inspections, functional tests according to country-specific regulations, and preventive maintenance measures help to identify problem areas and potential improvements. Scheduled maintenance visits also include on-the-job refresher training for on-site maintenance personnel.

Software Services

Our maintenance portfolio also comprises remote software services. These include software inspections of computer servers, databases and applications, security updates, software installation services and general software updates.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

To manage maintenance activities more effectively, we offer the CMMS. It plans, steers and monitors all maintenance measures, such as task scheduling and parts management. Customized CMMS integration is possible with our own as well as third-party systems and applications.

Emergency Service

For solving urgent problems, our emergency service offers you via our hotline access to our support team for fast on-site visits in addition to certified and clearly defined emergency procedures and responsibilities, contractually agreed response times assure prompt on-site expert assistance.

Ramp-up/transition Support

Ramp-up/transition support is the key to ensuring that systems operate according to specified performance levels in the operation environments. With the technical support of our operation and maintenance specialists, we assure that the system ramp up is carried out smoothly.


With our professional relocation service, we organize the relocation of your machinery/system to a new location – including disassembly, transport, re-installation, commissioning and testing according to agreed-upon performance parameters.


Our training offering covers courses from introductory level to refresher programs. Courses can be flexibly adapted to your intended location as well as in terms of content and duration, and they can even be tailored to individual target groups such as operators, maintenance personnel, technicians and trainers. Trainings may be held in-house as well as at local sites.