ServicesVision Encoding

Automated bag tag identification

Our remote service Vision Encoding enables you to lease manual encoding capabilities for your baggage handling operations through a monthly subscription fee. With this service we support you 24/7 in identifying bag tag content with our reliable optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Should a tag be unreadable, an image of it is sent to a remote operator who decodes the information and transmits the relevant data back to your BHS controls.

Automating your manual encoding processes will eliminate the need for manual encoding infrastructure, enhance your BHS efficiency and improve your staff allocation.

Benefits at a glance

  • 24-hour remote video coding for all images without human resources on-site
  • Monthly subscription fee with limited initial investment
  • Increased system performance and reduced operational expenditure
  • Easily integrable into third party PLC and IT control software
  • Applies cloud computing to enable remote videocoding from the Siemens Logistics remote service center