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BHS control software BagIQ

Baggage handling systems at airports connect check-ins with gates and make-up areas. Many of these are complex legacy systems that extend several kilometers, combining conveyor belts, sorting facilities and an early bag store. To see the big picture and maximize BHS efficiency as a whole, operators need high-performance software that controls and synchronizes individual elements. Nevertheless, airports often use older HLC (high-level control) software that doesn't have the necessary features. Different areas are controlled individually or separate condition monitors that can only be read directly on the equipment are used. The result: systemic bottlenecks, delayed baggage, and inefficient baggage handling overall.

BagIQ: one for all

State-of-the-art control software like BagIQ from Siemens Logistics controls the entire baggage handling system and provides end-to-end condition monitoring – regardless of whether the solutions come from Siemens or from third-party providers. BagIQ also features an integrated interface through which all relevant information can be directly retrieved. Using it reduces the clustering of different operator control systems and interfaces and boosts the efficiency of the entire conveyor system.

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